Customizing Your Lace Wig: How to Tweeze Your Lace To Recreate Your Hairline

Plucking your lace is very important when you are trying to create a natural looking hair line. Look at your edges…go ahead, I’ll wait…. you’ll see that the hairs are not that close together, they’re randomly placed and creates a hairline uniquely shaping the top of your face.


That’s usually not the same for wigs. When you receive your lace wig or frontal/closure it usually has a high density of hairs at the hairline and has a hills and valley shape to it; closures are no different, they also have a high density and the hairs are inserted into the lace in a straight line - no ones’ hair is naturally like that. Vendors create these full density products to allow you to customize your lace and recreate your hairline by plucking out hairs until it mirrors your own. I know it may seem impossible but it’s simple. Here’s a quick guide on how you can pluck closure/frontal/wig by yourself and get salon results at home.

To pluck your lace you’ll need a sharp/brand new tweezer, water in a spray bottle, a wig head, wig stand, a comb and a lace closure/frontal/wig. When you have all your tools you can begin.

  1. Step up your wig stand and place the wig head on the stand.
  2. Next, place the lace on the wig head and pin it in place (remember the lace is delicate so don’t pull to hard before you end up ripping it).
  3. Take a couple pictures of your hair line (make sure your hair is in a ponytail or braided back) You will use this a guide when plucking your lace.)
  4. Part your hair 1 ½” behind the hairline and separate the hairs. The hairs you comb backward can be braided into one plait or hold those hairs together with a hair scrunchie. The hairs you will be plucking comb those forward.
  5. Spray the hairs that you combed forward with water and comb the hair away from the part. This way you’ll be able to control fly aways and see where every hair is placed.
  6. Divide the hairs onto manageable sections (the sections you are not working on can be held down with butterfly clips) – this way you can keep an eye on how much hair you’re removing.
  7. Now its time to pluck. Starting with your first section, create mini sections and start plucking from the part and work your way up to the front of the lace. As you pluck the hairs out comb out those hairs. When the hairs are combed out, comb the hairs away from the hairline so you can see how dense the hairline is and how much more plucking you’ll need to do. Keep plucking until the density matches your hairline.
  8. If you want baby hairs, separate a small section of hair from the hairline to create your baby hairs. Use a razor to cut the hair down until the hair is at your desired baby hair length. I personally recommend cutting the hairs after you’ve installed your wig so you can see how long or short you need it to so it is molded the way you like it.

Check out Laurasia Andrea detailed tutorial on how to customize your lace frontal and create a realistic hairline. Our methods vary slightly but it gets the same results. 




Bleach your lace so we won’t see those black knots at the base of the lace – that’s the first major key to scalp realness. When the hairs are bleached to a brown/blonde color it gives the appearance that it is growing out of your head. 

Ensure the lace is light than your skin. One true giveaway that your hair is not growing from your head is the off colored honeycomb grids. If you want a scalp like appearance use a transparent lace or a light-colored lace you can tint/dye/powder to your complexion.

Ensure your lace is high quality. Find lace that isn’t stiff or has big holes. The smaller the grids and the thinner the lace the harder it is to detect that is a lace. Often when you lay quality lace against the skin it usually is hard to spot unless we’re having a face to face convo, even then it would be hard to tell it’s not your hair. 

To eliminate the hassle of plucking you can invest in a pre-plucked wig. Pre-plucked wigs can be a bit more costly and still may need customizing to match your hairline but it still wouldn’t be as time consuming as plucking a high density wig from scratch.

 The only thing left to do is practice, practice, practice. Don't be afraid to pluck, you are supposed to take hair out. Yes, that's the only way you're going to get the perfect density hairline. Take your time and be happy with your results and if you doin't get it right the first time you can definitely try again. It's a process and like any other learning process, practice make perfect.

Love your Hair, Love your Crown, Love Yourself ❤️

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