Lace Tint Sample Kit

Lace Tint Sample Kit

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Our lace tint spray is a tint spray that is used to help your lace better match your skin tone. This kit comes in 3 colors of your choice.

Extra Light: best for fair to ivory/porcelain skin tones with warm undertones.

Tan: best for honey/almond skin tones with cool or warm undertones.

Light brown: best for tan/caramel skin tones with yellow undertones.

Milk Chocolate: best for cocoa/bronze skin tones with or warm undertones.

Medium brown: best for espresso skin tones with red/orange undertones.

Dark brown: best used for chocolate skin tones. Deep with cool or warm undertones.

It is best if you use your lace tint spray after you have already bleached and color corrected the the knots your lace piece. When the lace is wet spray the tint all over the back side of the lace and let it air dry overnight. If you are looking for quick results you can speed up the process by using a blow dryer for a couple of minutes.

TINT TIPS: You can mix the tint shades for custom results and/or apply multiple coats for a richer/deeper shade.

Shake well.